Last week of class at UBC!

Today is Wednesday which means I only have my Thurday classes left because I don’t have lab class on Friday for APBI 411 I think.

After the class was over, I wandered outside before I go into IKB. And then it came rushing the thought that I’m leaving this academia really really soon! And its starting now…… so I’m just thinking about the people I’ve met, these beautiful place…. its hurting….

its hurting… I can’t write my feeling. there’s no word!

It’s not over Vancouver/Canada. I’ll be back SOOON! It’s just the start of the journey!


Canadian Dream

Lately, I`ve been thinking.. Am I living the dream? The Canadian dream?

It`s been my long desire to travel abroad, to see beautiful places, to speak English with accent, and to eat different foods. Now, I`m here and I have satisfied all those dreams already….I think..I guess..It seems to.

But as time pass by and I live here a day longer, I realize a lot of things about life.

I read something in the internet that made me think and realize my goals. I wanted to travel and experience life abroad right, and now here I am. I wanted to get lots of pictures, I have enough already. But that`s not where it ends.

I said I wanted to live like a local, to not just be here take pictures and see stuffs that`s being a tourist… I wanted to EXPERIENCE everything like everything a local would do. I think that`s kinda hard to achieve since I`m only here for a short term but I am trying really hard..

The only thing that makes me scared and I don`t want to be so is to be attached so much to people I meet here… Like my aunties, friends, the places, the temperature, the surroundings, the church. Because I know that time will come where I have to leave this beautiful city, leave everything behind, the people, the cafe`s, downtown, the polite people here and go back to my home country. I am really scared to that, you know the feeling of missing something! That is really hard to do. It breaks my heart, I don`t want to cry..

I can say, I am getting used to everything now in here. I know places already. I know how things work already.

I am thankful for this opportunity, because I know that this will change me a lot into a better person, i will know myself better, i will recognize every culture in the world, and be bolder.

I understand life`s all the same. It`s just the perspective and how the way you look at life.

Just make the most out of it.

live life to the fullest, but be sure to not forget to live life in accordance to God`s will.


Week 3 at UBC

Week 3 at UBC

Today I have the luxury to write because I have only one class today and finished a while ago. It feels so fast…..almost three weeks has passed and I somehow feel a little that I am a UBC student now. So, my class are all so-so except for APBI 495 which is really not that difficult but it is very depressing since I cannot join the band wagon of my classmates in out speaking their thoughts in class. That’s kind of my weakness… reason for that is I am not used to that kind of teaching wherein the class or students per se do all the discussion. Yeah, we also discuss in UPLB but not this critical though. I have to read articles and books in order to understand the topic cause its on wildlife management and I know nothing about this guy (as my professor says in my PHIL 120 – he refers to everything as GUY). Last week I got so frustrated in myself to the point that I cried while walking for I have not participated much and said much in the 2 hour long discussion in class. That’s my fault…..I was so relaxed and didn’t bother to research or study about the readings that much and boom it hits me! Nganga ako for two hours. Huhu I was so depressed that I shared this to mom and auntie Mylyne to have their opinions and uplift my spirit.I regret choosing this one now, but what else can I do dropping period is over and I guess I just have to deal with it, suck it up, and accept the challenge. I must show them what a true Iska is capable of.

And for my favorite subject, of course my specialization subject – animal reproduction technology APBI 411. In here, my professor is very good in explaining every minute details about the physiology and anatomy of animals which was not done very well in my home university. And the laboratory last Friday was very interactive since we have our own specimen to study with.

My campus is very beautiful I’d say. Very nice buildings, a lot of services, and nice environment. I am thinking every time I walk on campus “So this is how abroad is” “It looks the same in TV”. I love it. Love wearing winter clothes, boots, and speaking in English with accent, and seeing blonde people anywhere haha.

I am always in solitude here and I enjoy it. During my free time or if my class are over like now, I spend my time walking around campus or going to Irving K. Barber Commons place and do some stuffs in the computer or just hangout. Another favorite place for me as well is the SUB and the UBC Bookstore. Lot of freebies here!! Haha

So that’s it for now bae, I have to go cause I’ve been here for hours already. Bye. I’ll write to you again soon.


14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Partner For Life


Thought Catalog


  1. You make promises together you’d never make with anyone else. And you actually know they’ll happen. You talk about someday starting a business together, taking a cross-country road trip, adopting a couple of dogs together. They’re the only person in your life you can create these kinds of plans with and know they’ll really happen.
  1. Any small detail you think they’d be interested in you HAVE to text them right away about it no questions asked. A funny coincidence that happened, a brand new song you just found on Spotify you’ve already fallen madly in love with, a gorgeous new lip color – these things MATTER and your best friend is the only one who not only understands why they matter but is genuinely interested.
  1. You’re not afraid of conflict. Sometimes shitty things come up and they have to be dealt with. With your best friend you…

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Last Party with em (?)

So basically this is a throwback since I just saw the pictures online yesterday and can’t help to post it.

With ABT batch 11 with Dong.  (R-L) Me, Pia, Alissa, Dong, Sergi

With ABT batch 11 with Dong. (R-L) Me, Pia, Alissa, Dong, Sergi

So, I went to this party by the Entrepreneurs club (EC Gives back EON). this is the last party to be held in LB. That’s why I spent time with my friends/genesoc/iskolars ng bayan. In all of my parties this year, my tickets were free or sponsored by friend. Ella in FOAM party, and JAYELL for EON. My friends are all bourgeois. haha



HAHA funny I remembered when I was partying, Kraniel (my friend) told me that this would be my last party with them since I will be going to canada next semester already. And it hit me, really hard. So I distanced myself for a while and thought about it and then I was crying huhuhu I will miss this people that’s why I group hugged them. hahahaha

Why so over reacting sometimes nyka? hahahaha

I love my friends, sht.


Is it worth it to miss graduation for my exchange in UBC?

Noon ko pa kinakatakutan na madelay ako sa paggraduate. Muntikan na nga noong di ko makuha subjects ko on time pero nahabol ko pa rin. Wala akong ni isang nasingkong subject, HR or CS naman ako almost everytime pero madedelay ako kasi di ko natapos Thesis ko this sem kasi di ako nag mid year summer at mag-aaral kasi ako sa Canada ng isang semester. Gusto ko ding grumaduate on time, para med school na sunod pero huhuhu di talaga kaya kasi wala pa akong result sa ptanginang thesis ko huhu. Next week na flight ko to Canada, hindi pa rin tapos ang sem ko, naextend ng naextend dahil kay Ruby (typhoon). I have two more exams on wednesday and my apartment is not fully packed yet for Pia’s turn. Hays. Sakit sa bangs naman netong adventure ko na to oh.

Pero kasi sobrang pinagpray ko to. Sabi ng ng mom ko nag UP ako para makapag-exchange. So eto na yun. This is the answer to my prayers. Sabi naman ni God na He does not give blessings that troubles (tama ba yun? basta yun un). That’s why I just trust God sa timing niya and blessings niiya sa life. Alam ko naman na everything works together for good diba God. This is for my future.

Hindi ko pa nassasbi sa mom ko, pero I’ve been giving hints to her naman since pa. Pero hindi pa straightforward. Paguwi ko nalang sa wednesday. Should you disown me now????

I’m sorry talaga mom/dad, alam kong gusto niyo akong grumaduate on time and magmed sa UPM next year pero I can’t. huhu I need a miracle to do that. Oh God. Please give me peace Lord.

Give me excitement and joy for the blessing you have given me.